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Get your static production and compliance manuals and factsheets converted into current, online interactive resources that people want to use.

Add value to research results and best practice guidelines by presenting them as dynamic factsheets, calculators and mobile apps.

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  • We're passionate about improving the quality and delivery of information to growers and farmers - and we are proud to be contributing to the on-going education and training that will lead to greater efficiency, efficacy and profit in our land-based industries.

    We can...

    • Advise you on how to best to provide useful online training, education, and information delivery
    • Transform your under-utilised information and data resources into dynamic, online versions that are more valuable to your target audiences
    • Convert impenetrable research reports into informative fact sheets
    • Develop novel, web-based solutions to your industry or company's training, education, or extension activities
  • Our e-learning and e-extension systems are used within a wide range of sectors — from
    professional organisations to industry extension and training specialists to universities.

    Stock imageClean Water3

    Clean Water3 is a federally-funded project in the US to improve greenhouse growers' use and management of irrigation water.

    Stock imagePipfruitNZ

    New Zealand Apples & Pears® use our platform for their Integrated Fruit Production manual

    Stock imageNZ Avocado

    Our platform and educational skills are being utilised by NZ Avocado for their industry-wide AvoGreen programme.

    Stock imageNZ Citrus Growers Inc

    NZCGI use our platform for distributing their Integrated Pest Management manual to all their growers.

    Stock imageOnTarget

    Dümmen Orange chose us to develop their graphical tracking tool for poinsettia growers throughout the world

    Stock imageFloriculture Research Alliance

    This US-based group of universities use our expertise to distribute their results and grower tools.

    Stock imagefruitInspector

    Zespri, NZ Avocado, NZ Persimmon Council, Summerfruit NZ, and New Zealand Apples & Pears® all use our fruitInspector site for meeting the training and compliance needs of their packhouse fruit inspectors.

    Stock imageZespri

    Zespri's pollination and spray application manuals were developed by us, as was their Orchard Gate Return calculator.

    Stock imageBack Pocket Grower

    Based at the University of Florida, the Back Pocket Grower provides training and crop management tools for nursery and greenhouse growers on the go

  • freshLearn's staff have a wide wealth of experience in education, research, extension, and practical horticulture.

    Stock imageDr Bruce MacKay
    Bruce is a specialist in online education and training and grower support and is responsible for the online structure and delivery of our knowledge-based resources. He also leads the team that develops online calculators and is currently working on a range of webapps for US nurseries. He is also one of our main content writers and editors. Before co-founding freshLearn, Bruce lectured at Massey University for over 25 years in horticultural science and statistics.


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